2017 Plant Lady Recap with Ilana Foglia, Judith De Graff, and Kate Chilver

Judith De Graff of Urban Jungle Bloggers
Photo By: Judith De Graff

We have been so honored to have hosted some of the best plant ladies on the blog in 2017. These women have filled us with inspiration and motivation to keep growing our own plant jungle, and to see the beauty in nature every day. As a thank you, we will be doing a mini recap series sharing our favorite answers from lasts years interviews all this month!

Today we'd like to start with three amazing women who's love for nature and houseplants is nothing but inspiring. Ilana Folgia of The Small + The Savage Wild, Judith De Graff of Joelix and The Urban Jungle Blog, and Kate Chilvers of Tribe and Us. Each of these women's homes is complete plant goals! 

What is your favorite kind of plants?
"I absolutely love Cacti, any type size, and shape. I love how low maintenance they are and just how effortlessly cool they are."-Kate Chilver

Kate Chilver of Tribe and Us
Photo By: Kate Chilver

Which plant represents your personality?
"Philodendron, they're common but like to crawl and have heart-shaped leaves to spread their love ;)"-Judith De Graff

Ilana Foglia of The small and savage wild
Photo By: Ilana Foglia

Tell us about when you first fell in love with plants?
"My mom was a huge plant lady so I grew up with a jungle yard and hiding in gorgeous huge split leaf philodendrons playing with my friends. When I got my own home I slowly picked up a plant here and there. After my mom passed away I started spending more time caring for my plants and growing my own little urban jungle remembering how she would tell me about her first apartment in New York that she just filled with plants she grew from cuttings. It has been an incredibly therapeutic practice and such a positive way to remember my mom every day." - Ilana Foglia

"I bought my first plant, a succulent when I was about 10 years old. I grew up with plants as my mum loves them too. I will always remember the biggest Boston Fern you have ever seen at the top of our stairs. When Craig and I bought our first house that was when I could take my love of house plants to the next level :)" -Kate Chilver

Kate Chilver of Tribe and us
Photo By: Kate Chilver

Tell us about your favorite ways to decorate with plants?
"My favorite way to decorate with plants is to create small plant gangs, small gatherings of plants. The different colors, shapes, and pots make them stand out more." -Judith De Graff

"I love the full leafy luscious look. We are slowly reducing the number of meaningless nicknacks and filling our home with sentimental items and artwork by creatives we are lucky to call our friends. We like to create vignettes of plants in each room in our home creating green moments in every room." -Ilana Foglia

Why do you feel houseplants are necessary for your home?
"They make all of us happy and bring the calm into our lives." -Kate Chilver

Ilana Foglia of The small and savage wild
Photo By: Ilana Foglia

What are your must-have accessories for the perfect plant corner?
"We like to keep the accessories to a minimum and keep the focus on some of our more exotic looking plants. We try to be very specific with the pots we use so our color palette is consistent and a neutral base to let our plant's beauty be the focal point. Raisers and plant stand make each plant corner in our home more dynamic." - Ilana Foglia

"Beautiful plant pots (keeping them in their plastic grow pots is a no-go in my book!) and good-looking misters and watering cans! If you pick accessories that look good, you don't have to hide them in a cupboard, but you always have them at hand. Practical & pretty ;)" -Judith De Graff

Judith De Graff of Urban Jungle Bloggers
Photo By: Judith De Graff

Do you have any tips for aspiring plant lady?
"Dive in! Ask as many questions as possible. Don't just get the pretty plant you see on Instagram, it might not like your space. Do research on the light in your home and the kind of care you are willing to give. The more successful your first plant is the more inspired you'll be to grow your collection. ZZ plants are one of my favorites to suggest for the first plant for a home. They are so easy to care for and their dark green waxy leaves look excellent in photos 😉" -Ilana Foliga"

"Start with a few plants and find out if you like having them around and grow your collection slowly. If you don't want to wait for a real jungle vibe at home: go for a few older oversized plants (like Ficus elastica or Monstera deliciosa) that are real statement pieces. Also, exchange cuttings with fellow plant lovers. It's so much more fun if you can share your love for plants with others!" -Judith De Graff

"Always do your research, google everything before you buy. Its always so disheartening when you lose a plant so I would start off with a few easy plants first. Charity shops have some amazing pots and stands." -Kate Chilver


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Judith De Graff of Joelix and The Urban Jungle Bloggers
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Kate Chilver of Tribe and Us

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