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Alexis Jade Kaiser in Living Room With Baby

Photo By: Alexis Jade Kaiser

If you are ever in need of channeling your inner boho desert babe, then look no further for inspiration! Alexis Jade Kaiser is your go to gal! She's living the south-west dream with her husband and their new baby Billie Stone. Together they travel to the most beautiful desert landscapes and show you how to fill your home with magic! One of her tips for that perfectly decorated home is plants! And lots of them!

What is your favorite kind of plants?
I love cacti and big fiddle leaf figs! They're my fav.

What is your spirit plant?
Probably a horned fern. They're just weird and unique and quirky. Kinda like me :) 

Alexis Jade Kaiser Living Room Window

Photo By: Alexis Jade Kaiser

Tell us about when you first fell in love with plants?
Honestly, I've always loved plants! My moms always had a green thumb for outdoor plants. I think that's when I initially fell in love with plants. 

Tell us about your favorite ways to decorate with plants?
I love to put them in mismatching pots and put them EVERYWHERE. A room isn't complete without some green. 

Alexis Jade Kaiser Nursery

Photo By: Alexis Jade Kaiser

Why do you feel houseplants are necessary for your home?
Because they make it so much happier and alive. They clean the air and keep me feeling relaxed at ease. I just love plants! 

What are your must have accessories for the perfect plant corner?
I love original terra cotta pots. A comfy lounge chair and plants everywhere!

Alexis Jade Kaiser Living Room

Photo By: Alexis Jade Kaiser

Have you noticed any trends in houseplants?
Yes, I feel like they're so popular now! I love it! I love seeing plants in everyone's home! 

What's the next plant you want to get?
I'd love another big cactus! 

Who are some of your favorite plant ladies?
Leah Hoff, Nicolette Baliff, Carlay Summers

Alexis Jade Kaiser With Husband

Photo By: Alexis Jade Kaiser

Do you have any tips for aspiring plant lady?
Start small until you get the hang of it. You don't want to be killing a huge expensive plant. And after you have your first success, your obsession won't stop! 

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