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D'Ana Joi of Joi Knows Best

Tell us a little about yourself. Like where you live, who you live with, and what you are passionate about.
My name is D'Ana Joi. I live in Los Angeles (born and raised). I'm a lifestyle blogger, singer/songwriter, photographer, new Etsy shop owner and plant care enthusiast. I'm passionate about sharing my gifts with the world. For someone like me who has various interests, there can be a lot of pressure to only focus on one thing. I started my blog so that I could let go of the notion of needing to choose only one party of myself, and instead embrace ALL of my gifts. Starting my blog is the best thing I've ever done for my creativity.

Tell us about your homes style inspiration. What vibe are you trying to create?
I want my home to feel bright and clean, while also being warm and inviting. I love white walls as a canvas for pops of color and the many green hues of my plants. I have a large crystal collection so I am always incorporating them into my home design as well, they add such magical energy! Since I sell photography art prints, I'm always adding various artwork to my space, on my shelves or walls. I love being surrounded by art! Overall the vibe of my home is bright, quirky, full of color and (plant) life.

D'Ana Joi of Joi Knows Best

Tell us about when you first fell in love with plants?
Since I can remember, my mother always had a garden. I grew up watching her potting plants and saw how peaceful she felt while working in the dirt. We had two large Pothos plants sitting on top of tall shelves that cascaded down to the floor. They were my very first memory of house plants. The Pothos plant is still my favorite because it's the first houseplant I ever watered and watched grow.

D'Ana Joi of Joi Knows Best

How many houseplants do you currently have?
I currently have over 35 houseplants, not including all my cuttings growing in water and my air plants.

Why is adding houseplants to your space important to you?
Nothing adds life to a space like plants. It's also such a fulfilling experience to have something to nurture and watch grow. The more you love your plants, the more they give to you in return. I often sit in my living room and stare at my plant babies in a state of deep appreciation of their beauty and calming energy. Plant care is self care for me. They are my therapy, my companions, my connection to the still and quiet parts of myself.

D'Ana Joi of Joi Knows Best

What are your must have accessories for the perfect plant corner?
A macrame plant hanger.

Where do you find beauty in your everyday life?
When I'm driving in my car (I live in LA so I spend a lot of time in my car), I constantly look at the landscaping in people's yards. Focusing on the plant life all around me, even in an urban environment, creates so many moments of beauty and inspiration that I would miss out on if I wasn't paying attention.

D'Ana Joi of Joi Knows Best

What's the next plant you want to get?
I've been on the search for a Pilea forever. It's my ultimate dream plant.

Who are some of your favorite plant inspiration accounts?@blackgirlswithgardens @the.houseplant.momma @plantKween @apartmentbotanist @chickswithplants @secretsofgreen @basilandbloom @tiffsplantjournal ...the list goes on and on.

D'Ana Joi of Joi Knows Best

Do you have any tips for an aspiring plant lady?
Start with an easy to care for plant, such as Pothos, and build your plant-care confidence up from there. Follow fun plant accounts on Instagram and allow yourself to be immersed in plant-care-culture! And definitely check out my blog for tons of plant care tips. :)

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