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Urban Jungle Plant Corner

This week I happily get to share a home that I have actually experienced in person. The ever-growing jungle of Ilana Foglia is what dreams are made of! There are plants corner to corner and floor to ceiling! You can often see Ilana move plants outside to catch a little sun or the rare SoCal rain making sure that the plants get all the loving they need. She is always adding new plants to her growing collection making her home the ultimate plant lady wish list! 

What is your favorite kind of plants?
Tropical, philodendron or Hoya

What is your spirit plant?
Monstera friedrichsthalii

Snake plant in white pot with macrame

Tell us about when you first fell in love with plants?
My mom was a huge plant lady so I grew up with a jungle yard and hiding in gorgeous huge split leaf philodendrons playing with my friends. When I got my own home I slowly picked up a plant here and there. After my mom passed away I started spending more time caring for my plants and growing my own little urban jungle remembering how she would tell me about her first apartment in New York that she just filled with plants she grew from cuttings. It has been an incredibly therapeutic practice and such a positive way to remember my mom every day.

Monstera in a plant corner

Tell us about your favorite ways to decorate with plants?
I love the full leafy luscious look. We are slowly reducing the number of meaningless nicknacks and filling our home with sentimental items and artwork by creatives we are lucky to call our friends. We like to create vignettes of plants in each room in our home creating green moments in every room. 

The Small and Savage Wild shelf covered in plants

What are your must-have accessories for the perfect plant corner?
We like to keep the accessories to a minimum and keep the focus on some of our more exotic looking plants. We try to be very specific with the pots we use so our color palette is consistent and a neutral base to let our plant's beauty be the focal point. Raisers and plant stand make each plant corner in our home more dynamic. 

Have you noticed any trends in houseplants?
I love the tropical plants making their way to the desert of Los Angeles. Vining draping plants always seem to make a statement in spaces. I am also a HUGE fan of the Pilea Peperomia. I have a collection of peperomias that I've noticed are popping up everywhere! 

Gian plant collection with triangle shelfs

What's the next plant you want to get?
I'd really love to get a huge bird of paradise and begin to decorate our backyard area. Birds of paradise are staples in Los Angeles and we would like to incorporate it into our home. 

Who are some of your favorite plant ladies?
Danae of Folia Collective is someone I credit for fueling my love of plants. She took time to talk with me and look at my plants and just bond over all things green. Cindy from WKNDLA and I have grown in our love of plants together and it's so amazing to have someone so talented to bounce an idea off of.

Plant Lady of the Week Ilana Foglia

Do you have any tips for aspiring plant lady?
Dive in! Ask as many questions as possible. Don't just get the pretty plant you see on Instagram, it might not like your space. Do research on the light in your home and the kind of care you are willing to give. The more successful your first plant is the more inspired you'll be to grow your collection. ZZ plants are one of my favorites to suggest for the first plant for a home. They are so easy to care for and their dark green waxy leaves look excellent in photos 😉

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