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Kate Chilver desk covered in plants

Every home could use just one more plant! This weeks Plant Lady Kate Chilver shows just that! Every inch of her home is covered in houseplants in the most beautiful way. Shes uses warm terracotta pots to complement all the lush green in her home. Its the ultimate plant ladies dream space!

What is your favorite kind of plants?

I absolutely love Cacti, any type size, and shape. I love how low maintenance they are and just how effortlessly cool they are.

Kate Chilver Plants in front of the fireplace

Tell us about when you first fell in love with plants?

I bought my first plant, a succulent when I was about 10 years old. I grew up with plants as my mum loves them too. I will always remember the biggest Boston Fern you have ever seen at the top of our stairs. When Craig and I bought our first house that was when I could take my love of houseplants to the next level :)

Kate Chilver of Tribe and Us

Tell us about your favorite ways to decorate with plants?

I love anything hanging I have hanging plants from nearly all of the windows in the house. I love to buy second-hand plant pots and baskets and I have some amazing vintage shelves and a desk that my plants are very happy on.

Why do you feel houseplants are necessary for your home?

They make all of us happy and bring the calm into our lives.

Kate Chilver Succulents

What are your must-have accessories for the perfect plant corner?

Terracotta pots and baskets. I love my plants being in Terracotta pots but mixing them with vintage pots has a really awesome effect. 

Kate Chilver hand holding succulent

Who are some of your favorite plant ladies?

@plantenstudio @arianatanabe @studioplants @plantingpink @joelixjoelix @cleverbloom

Kate Chilver of Tribe and Us surrounded by plants

Do you have any tips for aspiring plant lady?

Always do your research, google everything before you buy. Its always so disheartening when you lose a plant so I would start off with a few easy plants first. Charity shops have some amazing pots and stands.

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