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Katie Robbins of KT Robbins ceramics workspace

I have the honor of sharing one of the most supportive and talented makers today! Katie Robbins of KT Robbins Ceramics is a well know lady who always is sharing her love of handmade and nature with the world. When she is not creating her delicate pottery she is making friends and encouraging other makers online. You can also find her as one of the founding members of the Leaf Ladies where she constantly spreads the love of plants to people all over the world. Online or off Katie's love for plants and the small business community is such a light, and I am so happy to share her today!

What is your favorite kind of plants?


What plant best represents you?
String of hearts - I love the two-tone leaves pink one side and grey/green the other and of course it dangles! Attractive but a bit unruly...

KT robbins ceramics hand holding small succulent

Tell us about when you first fell in love with plants?
My Mom was always green fingered so I grew up in a plant-filled environment. I'd say that it has only been in the last five years that I've really developed a passion to have plants in my own home, and now they are kind of taking over. I keep buying more shelves and then keep buying more plants. It's a bit of an addiction!

Tell us about your favorite ways to decorate with plants?
I think it really helps the ambiance of a home if you have something living in it - whether this be plants or fresh flowers. I tend to favor mini or hanging plants as these work well with my ceramic pots and macramé hanging planters. But I also like to use plant-based illustrations and paintings to make it feel even greener!

Katie Robbins plants hanging in ceramic pots

Why do you feel houseplants are necessary for your home?
Houseplants make a space feel calmer, relaxing and more inviting.

What are your must-have accessories for the perfect plant corner?

Every nice plant-filled home needs a nice watering can, and mister.

Katie Robbins String of hearts hanging on bookshelf

Have you noticed any trends in houseplants?
Succulents and cacti have been going strong for ages; the Pilea is often sought after, and people still love string-of-pearls as it is still quite an unusual plant.

Katie Robbins Beautiful plant corner

What's the next plant you want to get?
I finally bought a striped Calethea which I adore... And I think the next plant will probably be a fiddle leaf fig if I can work out where I'll put it!

Who are some of your favorite plant ladies?
@knottybloom @hemleva @rekersdressdesign and @createaholic are all amongst my favorites.

Katie Robbins holding brass mister

Do you have any tips for aspiring plant lady?
Start small with your collection and buy plants which need minimal care like an air plant of succulent. Find out as much about your plant as possible, ie if it likes lots of light and you only have one small window shelf consider a shade loving variety instead. Get to know your plant - watch it. When it wilts water it. Be careful not to overwater this is the main way that beginners kill their plants!

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  • Thanks for doing this series Kira! So much fun getting to know all the plant ladies of Instagram!

    Katie Robbins

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