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Jeannie Phan's plant covered living room

 Plants can truly make a house a home! This weeks Plant Lady Jeannie Phan shows off her cozy space where she seeks inspiration as an illustrator. Each room is filled with the brightest greens softened by natural fibers and neutral tones. It's the kind of home that any artist would tune into their creativity due to the peaceful surroundings. Which is probably why Jeannie's illustrations always end up beautiful! 

Jeannie Phan Plant Lady Of The Week Cat On Desk

What is your favorite kind of plants?
Tropical all the way

Tell us about when you first fell in love with plants?
I was gifted my first plant on my birthday by my friend Justine (which I promptly killed the day after) - I'd say my love of plants was bred from a stubborn will to redeem myself and it just spiraled from there.

Jeannie Phan Plant Lady Of The Week

Tell us about your favorite ways to decorate with plants?
Going vertical for sure. I like keeping floor space and surfaces clear when possible, so I'm always looking for wall solutions for hanging plants, whether that's an interesting thrifted wall planter or a simple floating shelf.

Why do you feel houseplants are necessary for your home?
As someone who works from home, it's great having the quiet company of something else that is alive, breathing and growing. Plants have a naturally calming effect, that helps soothe my busy mind as I work and live.

Jeannie Phan Garden

What are your must-have accessories for the perfect plant corner?
Finding a plant stand that works: whether that's a corner stand or an interesting ladder. I love seeing corners that are layered and full of foliage.

Have you noticed any trends in houseplants?
Definitely. There are definitely popular plants that come and go (the fiddle-leaf fig, monstera deliciosa, monstera "obliqua" - which is actually adansonii just to name a few). Thankfully these tropicals grow in the home better than the previous trend of succulents, which we've all killed at least one!

Jeannie Phan Plant Lady Of The Week Interview

What's the next plant you want to get?
I just checked off the "Whale Fin" sansevieria from my wishlist, now I'm on the hunt for a variegated monstera deliciosa.

Who are some of your favorite plant ladies?
@simplychivintage, @plantingpink, @cleverbloom

Jeannie Phan Plant Lady Of The Week Interview

Do you have any tips for aspiring plant lady?
Never give up on a dying plant as long as there's some green, and always assess your surroundings. A suffering plant doesn't just need more water or light, think about humidity, air circulation or pests. I believe anyone can grow, and as someone who's killed a lot of plants, getting the hang of it takes time, an observant eye, and a lot of Googling.


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