Adventure seeker, artistic soul, and nature lover are just a few of the ways friends and family have described me. Born and raised in sunny California I enjoy spending lots of time outdoors with my sketchbook always by my side. For me, nothing beats finding a quiet place in the woods where I can draw and be inspired.

Simplicity is something I always strive for in both my life and my art. It's what has drawn me to focusing on the smallest details in an array of botanicals and trying my hand at expressing them with minimal brush strokes. Sharing my art has been an inspiring journey, and I am humbled to be able to share something that I love with people who share similar passions.

Fun facts!

I like going on adventures
I attempt to practice yoga.
I won't deny a good cup of tea.
I love clothing that secretly feels like pajamas.
I am a plant hoarder.
The west coast is my favorite coast!
There is always room in my home for one more cozy blanket!
Breakfast food is the best kind of food.

My Process

Whenever I start a new piece of art I always go back to my biggest source of inspiration, the great outdoors. Living in California gives me a lot of options of where to adventure. I often spend several hours hiking until I find a comfortable place to sit and start sketching. I usually spend a few days in my studio after a trip coming up with ideas based on the photographs and sketches from the trip. Once I have the final drawings I will start to paint.

As the painting process begins my works start to come to life. Something organic happens when I add the wet paint to paper and start to create the array of tones. The watercolor has a mind of its own, and when I let it flow something delightful always evolves.

My Inspiration

Living on the west coast gives me such a diverse amount of wilderness and has allowed my husband and me to go on many adventures. From ocean shores to mountain tops our wanderlust has taken us all over the place. Together we strive to live simply and embrace all that nature has to offer. In doing so, I get to explore a never-ending world of inspiration to put into my sketchbook.

Every time I reach a breathtaking landscape, I'll always end up looking a little bit closer at the small details that piece together the bigger view. Often I am drawn towards ferns, mushrooms, old wood, pine cones, and wildflowers. I find great beauty in the simple and organic lines that nature creates and I strive to capture that in my art.

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