What comes with my Kit?
4 5x7 DIY Watercolor Greeting Cards
4 Recycled Envelopes
2 Watercolor Paint Brushes
1 Watercolor Mixing Tray
1 Tips and Tricks Digital Download Tutorial

What do I still need to buy?
The only thing you need is your paints! I leave that up to you to choose your own based on your skill level and price point. You can even make sure to buy all your favorite colors! 

I've never painted before, are these for me?
Absolutely! Immediately after your purchase, you will receive your Tips and Tricks Digital Download Tutorial. Leaving you plenty of time to study up before your cards and brushes arrive in the mail! You will be given the run down from choosing the right watercolors to how to set up and paint your first leaf. You will be a pro in no time! 

I've painted my whole life, would I find these worth it?
For sure! I mean, if you like having a fun little project to do on the side! This is not a paint by number, which means you have free range to make these exactly to your liking. Then you get to wrap them up and use them as a gift! It's a win-win! 

Would people want my DIY Cards as a gift?
Of course! Who doesn't love getting something handmade! All cards are blank on the front and inside making them perfect for all occasions. You can completely customize your message, making them the perfect gift!

But after all my hard work, won't it just be thrown away?
Nope! This will for sure make it on the fridge! Plus the cards are 5x7 so they can easily be framed after they have been given! However, on the off chance that they so make it to the trash can, be sure to recycle! All the cards and envelopes are made of recycled papers, so let's be sure to give them another new life! 

I've painted my card and now I want to show you, what do I do?
Easy! Tag me @KirsGulleyArt in Instagram and use hashtag #KGADIY Ill be able to check out all of your painting and share them on my feed as a token of my appreciation!