Saguaro Cactus Original
Saguaro Cactus Original

Saguaro Cactus Original

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Saguaro Cactuses are the king of the desert. Soley found in the grand Sonoran Desert and reaching over 50 feet tall and living up to 150 years. Saguaro is the tallest cactus in North America and is truly a wonder to see. 

Original 18x24 watercolor.

All originals are signed and dated.

Painted on 140 lb watercolor paper. This paper is acid-free with no optical brighteners to ensure preservation without yellowing or deterioration over time.

Due to the handmade quality expect imperfections in paint and paper. These markings show the authenticity in which the piece was created. 

Colors represented on computer monitors may not match actual paper and paint - but they are pretty close.

Your painting will be delivered in a bend proof envelope with eco-friendly packaging.